The National Titles will be from January 8th to the 13th at Mornington Yacht Club on Victoria's spectacular Mornington Peninsula, situated on Port Phillip Bay. The waters off Mornington provide a fantastic variety of conditions and launching is out of a sheltered harbour, perfect for sailing a moth.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Winter sailing off Mornington (nationals venue)

When the call came to say "lets go sailing!" I was sitting comfortably on the couch, ducted heating firing on all cylinders, looked outside, driving rain and about 11 degrees.  Sometimes you wish moths weren't so addictive that you have to sail them all year round!

Good day though.  We have a pod of dolphins that spend a bit of time playing off the end of the pier, so we did a bit of foiling with them, which is always fun.  Amazing looking under the boat to see a couple of dolphins darting around.

Thanks for the footage Richie!


  1. this pretty much sounds perfect to me, the dolphins must love you

  2. This looks great and makes me really want to try sailing. It reminds me of surfing except you have something to hold onto which would make balance easier. I haven't done either of them though so I could be completely wrong. The way you were stood on it reminded me of a surfer though. It must just be a similar stance as I don't imagine you will be riding big waves intentionally on this haha.